Unconsciousness & The Effect On Receiving ~ Guest Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Unconsciousness & The Effect On Receiving ~ Guest Jennifer Cramer Lewis

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August 13, 2018 by **The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic

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Are your unconscious beliefs stopped you from receiving more in every area of your life? Has unconsciousness stopped you from receiving more money? Have your unconscious beliefs stopped you from receiving the sex and relationship you truly desire? Join Milica Jelenic and Guest Jennifer Cramer Lewis as they discuss Unconsciousness & The Effect On Receiving on The Pleasure Zone.

Jennifer Cramer Lewis loves showing people simple changes they can make to drastically improve their financial welfare. With over 20 years in business and finance, including careers in Banking, Real Estate Sales and Management, and Mortgage Broking, she has always found it easy and natural to implement processes to heighten productivity. These skills combined with her love of people meant that financial coaching was a natural progression from working within other people’s businesses. She is a facilitator for Right Riches for You, a specialty program of Access Consciousness. She has written three bestselling books and is mum to two fantastic teens who are learning early to master the language of prosperity.

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~ More About The Pleasure Zone ~

What is pleasure? Have you ever noticed that what is pleasing to one body is not necessarily pleasing to all bodies? What if our bodies like to be pleasing and to gift pleasure to others and to receive pleasure? In this show we will explore the world of pleasure. If your body was sensing pleasure more often would your life have more ease?

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We start out with magical little bodies that turn on everybody. Babies are always having people come up to them and compliment them on their beauty and get really excited to be in their presence.
What would the world be like if we stopped judging ourselves, our bodies and others? How much more fun, joy and pleasure is possible on this planet if we choose to be explorers? Whose ready for an adventure???

Milica Jelenic is an advocate for possibilities. In her private practice she invites clients to receive who they truly be and to continue to choose more for themselves.  Milica knows that there is something greater for all of us on this planet and plays with bodies to awaken greater possibilities to show up.  Milica’ abilities as an intuitive lend to a session that is personalized for the client. Milica’s keen ability to sense where change is possible and to question what is stuck in the target area creates a very dynamic session that promotes choice, possibility and change.




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