TV – Why A Small Business Fails With Guest Cedric Singleton

TV – Why A Small Business Fails With Guest Cedric Singleton

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May 25, 2024 by *Value In You with LS Kirkpatrick

Value In You with LS Kirkpatrick 

Most small businesses fail – not because of their ideas, products, or services. They fail because of cashflow challenges. I will discuss the “business” part of being an entrepreneur. Join LS Kirkpatrick on the Value In You show with her special guest Cedric Singleton from J.Galt as they delve into the why and find answers to prevent a failure and turn it into a Success!

Cedric started his professional career as an officer in the US Army, followed by a corporate career that spanned three decades. Upon leaving the military, he joined Abbott Laboratories, where he spent twenty-seven years in multiple sales and marketing roles, including:
– Sales Executive
– Advertising Product Manager
– Regional Sales Director
– Global Director of Sales Operations

Throughout his tenure, Cedric and his teams consistently achieved recognition for high performance and commercial excellence. From his success with Abbott, Cedric was recruited by Carrier Global to build and lead a new commercial Revenue Operations
department as its Global Director. In that capacity, he led a team that generated double-digit revenue growth, and within three years, their annual revenue increased from $450 million to $1.2 billion. Recently retired from a thirty-year corporate career, Cedric founded Peak Performance Leadership Institute, a consulting firm that helps small businesses reach their optimal
potential. He is also a managing partner with J Galt Finance Suite. At J Galt, where he is on a crusade to ensure that small businesses have the same financial success as large corporations like Abbott and Carrier. Cedric attained his BA in Political Science from Howard University and his MBA from the University of Memphis. He holds certifications as a Trainer, Teacher, Coach, and Speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

In his personal time, Cedric is active with the Southern Maryland chapter of his fraternity (Alpha Phi Alpha), where he serves as the Chair of the Education Committee.

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