TV – What Is Dyslexia & Dyscalculia – Michaela Gaffen Stone

TV – What Is Dyslexia & Dyscalculia – Michaela Gaffen Stone

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November 9, 2023 by *Navigating Complicated Relationships with Michaela Gaffen Stone

Navigating Complicated Relationships – Michaela Gaffen Stone 

Does your child try all their behavior tricks to avoid reading or working with numbers when other kids are getting into both with some enthusiasm? That may be a sign you want to look more closely at. There are many other signs to consider, and they will be included today. In this episode, Michaela Gaffen Stone BCBA and Human Behavior Expert, will outline some important behaviors to look for if you suspect your child is struggling in a particular area.

Dyslexia and Dyscalculia and are considered to be learning disorders and they both require specific teaching skills to help your child to succeed. The other thing your child will require, in even greater measure, is patience and understanding. Kids with either of these neurological conditions are often labeled as “lazy” or “inattentive”. Before you jump to medications, consider the information shared with you today.

Dyscalculia is under studied and largely unknown. By the end of this episode, Michaela Gaffen Stone will have given you tools and tips on how to help your child at home.

This episode does not aim to diagnose anyone. Michaela is a BCBA, not a Doctor, nor does she play one on TV! Join us and bring your notepad!

~ More About Navigating Complicated Relationships with Michaela Gaffen Stone ~ 

Michaela Gaffen Stone is a Behavior Expert, Speaker, Educator, Human Design Intuitive and Transformational Coach. She is dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools and insights needed to navigate their own complex relationships. With a mission to foster a fresh perspective, Michaela equips her audience with the confidence and knowledge to develop positive, sustainable relationships.

Michaela is a lifelong learner and nomad. Having lived in eight countries to date, she is a Global Citizen and believes in living life fully while helping others to do the same. She regularly inspires and guides individuals on a transformative journey toward healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Serving clients in several countries, Michaela never met a time zone she couldn’t work with. Her approach is direct, succinct, and non-judgmental. Michaela’s dream is to reach people all over the world, spreading hope by inspiring, understanding, and empowerment.

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