TV – Scaling Your Business Through Managing Relationships – Brian Kent

TV – Scaling Your Business Through Managing Relationships – Brian Kent

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June 27, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

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In my years as an accomplished business consultant, I have seen many small businesses start and fail. It is a sad occurrence to watch what some people spend years of their lives building then gradually crumble before their eyes. For others, they would have problems achieving the growth they want to see in their company. This is what we call stunted growth. Think of it like a tiny leak in a boat if you will. The leak is so tiny that you do not pay attention at first but suddenly you are in the middle of the river with a lot of water in your boat. You get alarmed and start to bail out water. If you are lucky, you could scoop water out faster than the leak lets in. If you notice the leak too late, you might sink with your boat, like many others have done over the years.

Sadly, most of these failures happen for the same reason – a disregard for the importance of relationship management. Someone once told me business is a game of relationships. It is about who you know, how you treat your clients, whose office you can walk into unchecked, how you relate with your employees, and how you manage all the relationships within and outside your company. People, in essence, are money.

There are other factors, of course, but relationship management is overlooked a lot. We will review several of them meant to prevent you from making the same mistakes that a lot of business owners make.Dr Brian ‘BK’ Kent is a global leader and senior consultant focusing on International and Domestic Operations. He advises businesses in the areas of Business Process, Technology Transfer/Transition, Real Estate and Investing. He has been an Entrepreneur of the Year Twice in North Carolina and On the Inc Magazine 500/5000 list two times.

He has also served as a CEO and CFO for multiple companies, as well as in academic rols as Principal Investor, Business and Finance Professor and Executive Director for the Center for Defense and Homeland Security (CDHS). Through his engagement with emerging technologies, he has supported DARPA and the DOD Acquisition Industry. He builds on structure, scaling and leaning processes, while ensuring everyone understands the importance of the 360-degree relationship going on throughout an organization.

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