TV – Gut Check: Navigating The Path To Digestive Wellness – Michaela Gaffen Stone

TV – Gut Check: Navigating The Path To Digestive Wellness – Michaela Gaffen Stone

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March 14, 2024 by *Navigating Complicated Relationships with Michaela Gaffen Stone

Navigating Complicated Relationships – Michaela Gaffen Stone 

In this episode, Michaela Gaffen Stone, Human behavior expert and certified nutrition coach will discuss digestive wellness. Emerging research has increasingly highlighted the significant impact of digestive wellness on various aspects of health and well-being, including autoimmune diseases, mental health disorders, and metabolic disorders. Depression, for example, may be caused in some cases by poor gut health. Most of the serotonin we produce is made in the digestive tract. Why is that important to know? well, serotonin is one of the happy hormones and so important for mental wellness! If serotonin levels are low and symptoms of depression are present, SSRI’s may be prescribed.

But what if we look at ways to improve your digestive health instead?

That sounds good to me!

Join Michaela as she shares much needed information about why you need to pay attention to your digestive health from top to bottom, as it were.

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~ More About Navigating Complicated Relationships with Michaela Gaffen Stone ~ 

Michaela Gaffen Stone is a Behavior Expert, Speaker, Educator, Human Design Intuitive and Transformational Coach. She is dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools and insights needed to navigate their own complex relationships. With a mission to foster a fresh perspective, Michaela equips her audience with the confidence and knowledge to develop positive, sustainable relationships.

Michaela is a lifelong learner and nomad. Having lived in eight countries to date, she is a Global Citizen and believes in living life fully while helping others to do the same. She regularly inspires and guides individuals on a transformative journey toward healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Serving clients in several countries, Michaela never met a time zone she couldn’t work with. Her approach is direct, succinct, and non-judgmental. Michaela’s dream is to reach people all over the world, spreading hope by inspiring, understanding, and empowerment.

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