TV – From Bombs to Blades to Beats with Besh, Lifestyle Contributor

TV – From Bombs to Blades to Beats with Besh, Lifestyle Contributor

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December 14, 2021 by Financially Speaking ~ Kathy Cook Noble

Financially Speaking with Kathy Cook Noble 

Exciting things are happening on the Financially Speaking podcast! We’d like to welcome our new Lifestyle Contributor host – Brent ‘Besh’ Beshara. Besh describes himself as “a global citizen, student of life, explorer, scientist, and a firehose philosopher.” He’ll be sharing his story – how he retired as a Canadian Military Special Forces Navy Bomb Disposal Diver and became an international knife designer inventing the “Besh Wedge” – the strongest knife tip in the world. But he ultimately decided to take the “Rasta Bob” route by making music, supporting his tribe, and rockin’ at music festivals. He says “(it) came down to my choices, accountability, action, and commitment.” As our Lifestyle Contributor, Besh will be sharing some of the key things he has learned about living a life filled with purpose.

Brent ‘Besh’ Beshara – I am a global citizen, student of life, explorer, scientist, and a firehose philosopher. My 24 years in the Canadian military as a Special Forces Navy Bomb Disposal Diver were amazing, but it came with a sincere sacrifice. It cost me mentally, physically, and cost me my first marriage. So since retiring in 2007, I have created for myself a lifestyle of researching, understanding, and applying the “application of life” which consists of many diverse modalities from ancient tribal wisdom, to current quantum understandings, to extreme cold exposure. This world understanding has allowed me to get to know the truth of myself which helps free me from the perceived dramas of life. What I want for myself, I want for everyone, therefore I feel compelled to share my personal method of understanding that continues to help me and can help others clear their vexations and live a life truly worth living.

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~ More About Financially Speaking ~

Everywhere you go, everywhere you turn, everyone you talk to, money appears. Either in conversation, in thoughts, in dreams, in stress, in arguments and in planning.

Money is the one commodity that everyone can universally agree that they all need. Most people navigate through their lives not really understanding how money works or how to keep more of it.

Kathy Cook Noble is a believer in people’s abilities to understand, control and plan for their futures with money. She believes that once people understand the importance of why they need to control their own finances, they will live a free and happy life. She is a Financial Advisor, teacher, bookkeeper, business expert, seeker of knowledge, community volunteer and believer in people.

Kathy has spent her entire life studying and working in business to help people expand their lives, save money, make money and avoid financial ruin. She personally understands what it means to see value and have faith in yourself so that you are more confident in financial decisions.

Overcoming painful obstacles and realizations about money has helped Kathy become obsessed with helping people, especially women, understand their financial situations and help them plan for their future selves.

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