TV – Focusing On Fatphobia – Kat & LaToya

TV – Focusing On Fatphobia – Kat & LaToya

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April 20, 2023 by Even We Know That

Even We Know That – Kat & LaToya 

In this episode, Toya and Kat continue a conversation about fatphobia they previously started in February 2023 on an episode of Toya’s other show, The Chop Up Show Podcast. (The BIG Chop: Exploring Fatphobia with Complex Trauma Specialist Kat Schwarz). Discriminatory practices in healthcare, employment, and other sectors of society continue to destroy the quality of life for countless fat people everyday. In this conversation, they will dive more deeply into their own personal stories and discuss body image, thin privilege, dating, bariatric surgery and more.

LaToya Green and Kat Schwarz are the CEO and Founders of Higher Definition LEC and Compassionate Healing Services, respectively. Toya is a full-time Professor of Human Communications Studies at Cal State Fullerton where she is also the Director of Debate. Kat earned a Master’s Degree in Physical Therapy and currently does her healing work as a Reiki Master of Masters, Accessible Yoga Teacher, certified trauma educator and medium of spirit.

~ More About Even We Know That with Kat & LaToya ~ 

LaToya Green’s captivating and authentic style captivates audiences while introducing listeners to tips and techniques that foster a stronger foundation of purpose. LaToya believes that “inspired people, inspire people” and threads that idea through all of her lectures and presentations. LaToya, owner of Higher Definition Leadership & Empowerment Coaching, brings over 10 years of experience in community and academic organizational leadership and 15 years of competitive debate and argumentation experience.  Simply put, she is versed in advocacy, strategic planning, and leadership development.

Kat Schwarz practiced traditional physical therapy for 20 years and currently does her healing work as a Reiki Master of Masters, spirit medium, accessible yoga teacher and certified trauma educator. Kat specializes in the holistic treatment of physical and mental health conditions and skillfully integrates her extensive professional training, personal experience, and spiritual gifts and tools into a powerful healing session. Kat is the owner of Compassionate Healing Services which aims to make mental health and suicide prevention services accessible to all. She is a certified Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Presenter and has been a member of the NJEA State Task Force on ACEs since 2018.

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