TV – Does Your Reflection Ever Surprise You? – Karen Leslie

TV – Does Your Reflection Ever Surprise You? – Karen Leslie

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November 23, 2023 by *Cultivating Kindness with Karen

Cultivating Kindness With Karen 

Have you ever walked past a mirror, or a reflection in a window, and had that flash thought “is that me?” or “do I actually look like that?”. Did you surprise yourself with your reflection? This is actually quite common. How you see yourself changes over time. These changes can surprise you in both positive and not so happy ways.

These changes may feel like they just appeared with no warning. In truth these changes have been occurring for a period of time. The change feels surprising because of your lack of connection to you. Sometimes this lack of connection is a way to take care of you; a way to hide something you are not ready to see or acknowledge. These changes can be unnerving or overly inspiring and positive; either way you are not quite ready.

Regardless of the reasons behind this, being disconnected creates difficulties in life when we stay in that space for too long. Learning to recognize when this is happening is important. To find out how you can shift out of this way of living join Karen Leslie this week on Cultivating Kindness With Karen, to learn the signs to watch for and the tools to see what has caused you to be surprised by your reflection.

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Karen Leslie is an Educator and an Expert Healer who has been facilitating energy with others for over 25 years.  Her life of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts has led her on an interesting, and at times, turbulent path to where she is today.

Kindness was definitely missing in Karen’s life.  Karen was always kind and compassionate to others, however she was not showing kindness to herself.  Today Karen knows that kindness towards others was actually a way of avoiding her own wounds and sadness.  These choices created a life of ‘people pleasing’, keeping the peace and avoiding conflict; especially if it involved having to say “No” to someone else.

Karen knows now that everything we do to help ourselves from the neck up will help everything from the neck down.  Karen now lives each day with enthusiasm, excitement, an openness to new adventures and a great deal of kindness towards everyone, most especially herself.

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