TV – Create a Purpose Filled Life Simply by Being Yourself – Rick Ornelas

TV – Create a Purpose Filled Life Simply by Being Yourself – Rick Ornelas

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February 29, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

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Discover how to unlock the hidden superpower you have inside to create the life of your dreams. Many of us talk a big game but never translate that into action or results. This inspiring and interactive presentation will help individuals uncover what has been limiting their lives. Rick teaches the action steps needed for creating purpose for yourself and others to live a fulfilled life, better humanity, and create a better world for all of us.

Rick Ornelas is an Ultimate Success Coach™, bestselling author, and founder of I Spark Change.

Rick wasn’t always interested in helping others globally, despite being pushed repeatedly in that direction by a near-death experience, family tragedies, and deaths. It wasn’t until the ever-worsening times of 2020 when he was anxious, isolated, and desperate that he finally got the wake-up call. His awakening came in the form of divine inspiration and an awe-inspiring spiritual connection when it was least expected. He went from fearful and hopeless to writing a best-selling book, 12 Hours of Heaven; Lessons for a Better World, in under three months while envisioning and creating an incredible future.

Rick is also extremely passionate about coaching individuals and teams. For the past 25 years, he’s grown organizations, including start-ups and Fortune 100’s on various levels. He’s helped both small businesses and multi-million-dollar enterprises flourish and achieve massive success in record-setting time.

Rick has grown two past successful businesses to multiple eight figures in under two years and is a nationally recognized business strategist. His most recent business venture is founding Revive Biohacking in 2023 where they optimize health naturally through science and technology.
He has been featured as an expert in multiple media outlets, including national/international television and radio. He’s a writer for the Power of Positivity, guest contributor for various websites, and has inspired listeners across the globe as a guest on over 100 podcasts!


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