TV – Are You Parent Or Best Buddy? – Mikki Gaffen Stone

TV – Are You Parent Or Best Buddy? – Mikki Gaffen Stone

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September 14, 2023 by *Navigating Complicated Relationships with Michaela Gaffen Stone

Navigating Complicated Relationships – Mikki Gaffen Stone 

Parenting can be a tricky thing to navigate. How do you know if you are being a harsh parent or a permissive buddy? Do you know which one is healthiest for your child? It might sound easy at first thought, but is it? Do you find yourself “giving in” saying “just this once” while telling yourself it’s okay because you are in charge? Perhaps you find yourself exhausted by endlessly saying yes to your child, even when you want to say no. If this is you, you may have grown up with a lack of boundaries coupled with sudden (and bewildering) changes in parental mood when your parent reached the end of their patience. If this is a pattern you recognize, stay tuned because we will be looking at what permissive parenting looks like – aka “Best Buddy”, vs a boundary setting parent.

While it may be fun to imagine yourself being best friends with your child, there is a whole lot of parenting and adulting that needs to happen before you can achieve a healthy, friendly relationship with your (adult) child. We’re talking about one where your “parenting” is less obvious, and conversations are based on more of a ‘level playing field’. Note that there are serious pitfalls to treating your child like an adult before they are one. Be ready to take notes on the distinctions Mikki will share with you today!

In this show, Mikki Gaffen Stone will use her Human Behavior Expertise to explore how you can identify what style of parenting you use currently, and what behaviors you might choose to replace with effective options. The aim is not to judge, but to bring awareness to everyday patterns that may not be serving you or your child. Are YOU ready to try something new?

~ More About Navigating Complicated Relationships with Mikki Gaffen Stone ~ 

Mikki Gaffen Stone is a Behavior Expert, Speaker, Educator, Human Design Intuitive and Transformational Coach. She is dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools and insights needed to navigate their own complex relationships. With a mission to foster a fresh perspective, Mikki equips her audience with the confidence and knowledge to develop positive, sustainable relationships.

Mikki is a lifelong learner and nomad. Having lived in eight countries to date, she is a Global Citizen and believes in living life fully while helping others to do the same. She regularly inspires and guides individuals on a transformative journey toward healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Serving clients in several countries, Mikki never met a time zone she couldn’t work with. Her approach is direct, succinct, and non-judgmental. Mikki’s dream is to reach people all over the world, spreading hope by inspiring, understanding, and empowerment.

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