Thriving As the Phoenix Within – David Chametzky

Thriving As the Phoenix Within – David Chametzky

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February 27, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

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A journey on how traumas and epigenetics play into who we are as adults and how we can rewire our brains by stopping the “movie” within our heads that programmed us to be who we are. Our brains can be rewired to move us out of the ashes and into the beautiful metaphor of the Phoenix and fly higher than we ever thought possible. The rewiring of the brain can be done simply if we are able to see out of the ashes, focus and reignite the fire in our bellies to learn to fly again.

David enjoys sharing his knowledge with those who are passionate about personal and professional development including business leaders, educators, students, athletes, and law enforcement personnel. He facilitates resiliency and growth for those who are intent on finding their own P.A.T.H. (Personal Attitudes Toward Happiness) in life. David has worked with individuals, couples and presented to groups on a number of topics to assist people to move forward towards finding their best self.

David Chametzky, a deep message expert, as a speaker, author, podcast host, and producer, he assists others in overcoming challenges, a true pathfinder has a mission to uplift lives in every way. David empowers individuals day by day.

Through his content and teachings, he brings light, Guiding others to overcome obstacles, shining bright.

As a Tedx speaker, his voice resonates on stages, Imparting wisdom to inspire change and engage.

His books, including several Amazon #1 bestsellers, hold insights offering guidance to those seeking new heights.
Hosting the internationally acclaimed podcast, “Peace, Love, and Bring a Bat,” a treasure vast of spiritual motivational stories, interviews, and heartfelt conversation, Spreading positivity and fostering transformation.

David’s expertise and dedication inspire, others to conquer and aspire and follow their dreams With his guidance, barriers can be overcome, allowing individuals to embrace the path they might not have seen before for themselves and begin to up level and soar in life and business.


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