They Like You; They Like You Not ~ with Keisha Clark

They Like You; They Like You Not ~ with Keisha Clark

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March 17, 2017 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark

I will admit – I like to be liked.  What about you? Doesn’t it just make things a bit easier when people like you?  Life is a bit happier ~ you might also feel a little more confident.  And what about when people don’t like you?  Or possibly worse, when they stop liking you?  Kinda throws us for a loop, doesn’t it?  Sometimes, it can throw us for a super duper loop. And sometimes we might even feel like it could crush us.  So what do we choose in those moments?

As always, I am inviting you to stop trying to make sense of it – what if when people just don’t like us, or stop liking us, we did not have to figure anything out or understand it?  Join me this week, for a candid look at some of my recent experiences with learning how to let people not like you.

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