The UNkindness of Not Being You; Guest ~ Grace Hart

The UNkindness of Not Being You; Guest ~ Grace Hart

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November 20, 2015 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Have you ever experienced being with someone who is not really being present with you, or not choosing to show up with you?  Have you ever been the one who is not being present or not choosing to show up?  Did you notice what that created?  And what about what could not be created, were you aware of that?  Has it ever occurred to you that not Being You is actually unkind ~ to others, to the world ~ and mostly, to You?  Keisha welcomes Grace Hart this week, to explore what else we could be choosing to be Being More of Us.

Grace Hart grew up in mainstream society, living a conventional life until a car accident in her late teens changed everything. She was revived from clinically dead and rushed to hospital in a critical condition, including 48 broken bones. She also had a Near Death Experience…and woke up psychic.  It took three years of rehabilitation before she could walk normally again, and a lot longer to learn how to drive her new, unconventional reality. Ever since that fateful day, she’s been able to perceive energies – she can see, hear and speak to energies, and has a capacity to create change in bodies.

Grace has worked as a clairvoyant medium on and off since 1989, and has read for famous actors and politicians. While in Singapore giving a presentation on her book ‘The Peacemaker’s Way’, she had an extraordinary experience with the Dalai Lama’s official bowl players, who approached her and gifted her with a set of their Tibetan singing bowls, opening up a new direction with therapeutic sound. She has since then produced CDs of soothing, therapeutic, meditative music and has mesmerized many with her angelic voice.  Grace has also studied for a counseling degree and qualified as a sand tray/expressive therapist (a recognized therapy) and an Access Consciousness Facilitator.

Well seasoned as a human being and able to relate to the many challenges people face, Grace has ‘been there and done that’ with diverse life experiences and the associated highs and lows covering the full emotional spectrum. In spite of these and other challenges, she has reaped the rewards that have come from questing – and importantly, putting into practice what she has learned. Her journey of self-discovery has been enhanced by her psychic insights and the many life tools on offer from so many wise teachers she is deeply grateful for.

Grace chose a greater life, and to no longer be a victim. And after choosing not to fall into the drama trap, she has reached a place where she is genuinely happy, positive and thriving no matter what shows up in life. This makes her a beacon of light, inspiring and encouraging others, and she extends an invitation to one and all to choose greater. It has become her life’s work.

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