The Key to Creating a Greater World ~ Guests Betsy McLoughlin & Alun Jones

The Key to Creating a Greater World ~ Guests Betsy McLoughlin & Alun Jones

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May 27, 2016 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

When was the last time you truly acknowledged your brilliance?  When did we stop doing this?  How old were we when we began dimming our light?  What could we change in the world, and what change could we BE for the world,  if we would embrace how awesomely brilliant we truly are?

What if now IS the time to stop hiding your brilliance and shine it out, without apology or justification? Are you willing to be that bold? Are you willing to embrace your brilliance?

Keisha welcomes Betsy McLoughlin and Alun Jones this week to explore choosing our brilliance.  What if the world is calling for you to embrace your brilliance. Will you answer the call? Let’s be brilliant together!

Alun Jones is a Certified Coach, and Facilitator of Awesomeness! He has been coaching and facilitating since 1992 drawing upon a diverse and wonderful range of tools, questions, and techniques to empower people to embrace their awesomeness.  Play more with Alun at

Betsy McLoughlin is a Certified Facilitator and transformational coach.  She is a best selling author and believes in the possibilities of creating the life you desire! Play more with Betsy at

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