The Energy Of Your Future: Being You ~ Guest Sarah Grandinetti

The Energy Of Your Future: Being You ~ Guest Sarah Grandinetti

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July 29, 2020 by Creating Abundance with Ease

Creating Abundance With Ease ~ Dr. Helen Gitlevich 

Everything, even the unknown, comes with ease when you’re truly Being You. Join Sarah Grandinetti for a conversation about how the tools of Access Consciousness support people in discovering who they truly are and help them to create a future they desire.

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Sarah Grandinetti is an international speaker and Certified Facilitator of Access Consciousness who inspires people to choose more and actualize their dreams. A former owner of Salon Mix, a celebrity hair salon in Los Angeles, Sarah brings a wide range of experience with people and business to all of her creations. Whether presenting to an audience, facilitating classes or working one-on-one in a deep-dive session, Sarah offers a rare combination of humor, warmth and insight that invites people to feel empowered, release limitations and truly BE themselves.

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~ More About Creating Abundance with Ease ~ 

Magic is everywhere. Abundance is everywhere. What if we can tap into abundance and start creating it in our lives with total ease?

Are you choosing what you desire? What if more is available than you believe is possible?

Dr Helen Gitlevich will use the tools of Akashic Records and Access Consciousness to guide you on the journey to creating more in your life than you’ve ever imagined.

Helen Gitlevich is a Medical Doctor, a published Author, a Radio Show Host/Podcaster as well as a Teacher of Akashic Records and a Founder of Akashic School of Creation. She is also an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, 3 Day Body Class Facilitator and a Reiki Master who is always interested in empowering people to heal themselves and to see the magic that they are.

Helen has been facilitating and teaching classes and workshops around the world inviting people to a different possibility with their health, money and relationships.

Welcome to the world of magic. Is it your turn now to take control of Your Life?

Would you like to join Helen and see if you can choose something greater?

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