Successful Mind Mastery: Neuro-Hacks Manifesting More Influence – Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller

Successful Mind Mastery: Neuro-Hacks Manifesting More Influence – Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller

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February 27, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

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Discover the science and the secrets of transforming your deepest beliefs into powerful actions for unprecedented success. Join a journey into the depths of your mind to unlock potentials you never realized towards dynamic social influence.

Dr. Andrea Adams-Miller, also known as The Lady in RED and The Dream Maker, is a distinguished international publicity and business consultant and a neuroscientist. As CEO of, The Subconscious Connection, and Ignite Your Relationships, she empowers top-tier entrepreneurs, CEOs, innovators, and celebrities to realize their grandest aspirations through strategic publicity, mind mastery, and her vast $15 Billion Rolodex.

Her media presence is extensive, with over 2500 radio appearances and interviews on major networks like 20/20, E! News, and ABC. Globally, she’s shared stages in 27 countries with luminaries such as Brian Tracy and Sir Anthony Hopkins, influencing audiences from Dubai to France for giants like Sony and Google.

Dr. Adams-Miller’s academic prowess includes three PhDs, and she’s a Master Trainer in neurolinguistic programming and hypnosis, specializing in neurofeedback and biofeedback. Her passion extends to acting, where she’s an award-winning actress, and philanthropy, leading The Keep Smiling Movement to foster resilience and mental health through the power of smiles.

Residing on a 50-acre farm in Northwest Ohio with her husband, close to her three daughters and grandchildren, Dr. Adams-Miller is the epitome of authentic connection and professional excellence, making her an invaluable consultant for those needing confidentiality and creativity to make their dreams come true.


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