Stop Pushing Your Business At People & Succeed ~ Christine McIver

Stop Pushing Your Business At People & Succeed ~ Christine McIver

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July 27, 2022 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

Inspired Choices with Christine McIver 

Are you ready to succeed and enjoy your business?  If you are then stop pushing your business at people. 

Do you respond when people are pushing their services at you?  Do you say yes with repeated emails, messages, phone calls or do they turn you off?

Learn how to turn the tides with how you show up with your offerings.  Once you do, the business will be working with you and the revenue will reflect these changes in a positive bottom line.

Many entrepreneurs are pushing harder and hard and the results are peaking up, then dropping drastically.  Doing business is meant to be inspiring, enjoyable and profitable.  In this show, ‘Stop Pushing Your Business At People & Succeed’ Christine McIver, Business Development Expert, will provide solid sound business guidance to move you out of the hard sell arena and into the business pleasure receiving arena.

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~ More About Inspired Choices with Christine McIver ~ 

Christine McIver is a Strategy & Systems Business Executive, Inspirational Speaker, TV & Radio Personality, and the Founder & Owner of Inspired Choices Network.

Christine is highly successful at inspiring individuals and businesses to make choices that will bring them increased success, greater joy, self-confidence and remarkable inspiring change.  All of which increased the abundance in their lives and businesses.

Christine lives her life out loud and is a natural cheerleader.  She believes in the abilities of others to change their lives quickly and easily.

Christine entices clients to show up more in their life, businesses & relationships than they ever have. She invites them to make all that they once knew was possible, possible.

Christine believes that you can be living & loving your life with ease!  Her kind, direct and joy filled approach is both comforting and stretching. 

Christine has impacted thousands of individuals with her enthusiastic message of possibilities.  Christine invites all into knowing that all things are possible beyond what is present in your life right now. ~

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