Speaking Your Peace ~ Guests Connie Cox and Terry Doherty

Speaking Your Peace ~ Guests Connie Cox and Terry Doherty

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July 1, 2016 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

A common expectation with conflict is that we should be able to “talk it out”.  How do we do that with so many different points of view in the mix, though?  And how do we do that in a way that honors everyone involved, as best we can?  Nonviolent communication is one choice that has brought many thousands of people a way to peacefully find resolution.  Developed by Marshall Rosenberg, Nonviolent Communication offers a method of compassionate communication to meet the needs of all parties involved in the conversation.  Many call it a way of teaching peace.

Keisha welcomes Connie Cox and Terry Doherty this week, to talk about their work with Nonviolent Communication,  the inspiring experiences they have had teaching these courses, and how we can all incorporate nonviolent practices into our everyday lives.

Terry “Td” Doherty has been practicing the language of Nonviolent Communication since 2004. She credits weekly participation in an NVC Practice Group for learning how to apply this technology in real life. “Td” facilitated an NVC group at Unity of Arlington in 2013. She has been co-facilitating a class at the Tarrant County jail for nearly three years with “teamie” Connie Cox. Says Doherty, “The founder of NVC Marshall Rosenberg, liked to clarify the purpose of this process by saying it connects us with ourselves and others in a way that makes natural giving possible, which is the source of our deepest joy as human beings.”  You can email Td at terry.doherty@att.net

Connie Cox has been practicing NVC for about 4 years.  She went from a healthcare profession, focusing on physical health, to focusing on emotional and spiritual health.  Connie lives for the joy of laughter with friends and receiving all the gifts the Universe offers us to heal and grow.  You can email Connie at connie8888@aol.com

Find out more about the Center for Nonviolent Communication, and practice group information, here – http://www.cnvc.org/practice_groups

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