Social Media Strategy. Who’s on First. ~ Lindy Chaffin Start

Social Media Strategy. Who’s on First. ~ Lindy Chaffin Start

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April 17, 2019 by Unstoppable ~ Lindy Chaffin Start

Unstoppable ~ Lindy Chaffin Start Radio Show

Social media strategy is no joke, but right or wrong, it can sometimes be wrought with hilarity. Abbott and Costello weren’t quite sure who was on first, what was on second, and they sure didn’t know about third, but you sure better know so you can make up a successful plan to get to home plate!

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Are you ready to be UNSTOPPABLE?

There IS a place where you can find inspiration and direction. Have you ever dreamed of having a guide, like a personal strategist, to help you…launch your small business…live your dreams…express your creativity…take yourself seriously…think outside the box? Life purpose coach and marketing maven, Lindy Chaffin Start shares her insight and advice to help you achieve your life and business goals, and more.

Lindy lives her life on purpose, using her talents as a marketer, boutique business owner, certified Life Purpose coach, author, and radio show host to lead other small business owners to realize their dreams by putting their passions, and advertising, to work.

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