Showing Up To The Party! Guest Donnielle Carter

Showing Up To The Party! Guest Donnielle Carter

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September 7, 2016 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

Are you willing to show up to the party and have more fun than you’ve ever imagined?

Even if someone judges you?  Even if no one else shows up? Even if you look silly?

What if showing up to this show with Donnielle Carter & Christine McIver could give you more laughter than you can imagine?

Donnielle Carter spent most of her life ignoring her body, living only in her mind. She was a successful radio producer & TV Promotion Manager and was finding no satisfaction in her job. She’s often heard saying, “The world was not a better place at the end of the day because of what I have done.” She went in search for more.

Thru her mother’s health talk radio show she was introduced to the tools of Access Consciousness & Right Body for You and found the more that she was looking for. And much to her delighted surprise “the more” included discovering her body and the joy that it could be once again. As a side effect of letting go of the energetic limitations of her life and acknowledging the consciousness of her own body, her body shifted and changed dynamically. Including at a height of 5’2″ dropping 10 sizes in 4 months using no gimmicks, just consciousness and communion with the body.

Once extremely shy, Donnielle has now co-authored the book Right Body for You, hosts her own weekly radio show and travels the world speaking and facilitating transformative classes, including her popular Right Body for You workshops. Are you ready for your life and your body to change?

Christine McIver is a Possibilities Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator who is driven to inspire individuals and organizations to make choices that will bring them greater joy, self confidence and remarkable positive change. ~ ~

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