Sex & Relationship on Your Terms…Huh?! ~ Guest, Melanie Clampit

Sex & Relationship on Your Terms…Huh?! ~ Guest, Melanie Clampit

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August 18, 2017 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark

We can get all excited and confident when we make this kind of disclaimer – that we are going to have sex and relationship “on our terms” – but how many of us actually know what our terms even are?  Are we really willing to be aware of what we truly desire with sex and relationship – AND – then be willing to ASK for that?  Are we even willing to be having sex and relationship, to begin with?

Keisha welcomes Melanie Clampit to the show for this week’s Beyond-Linear exploration into discovering our own realities with sex and relationship – not asking them to make any sense – and then choosing to create them.

Melanie Clampit is an Access Consciousness and Being You certified facilitator with over 15 years of training and professional practice in the fields of healing, change, and empowerment.  She is a published author, life coach, an instigator of possibilities and a transformation enthusiast.  Melanie teaches classes in person and online as well as having a thriving private practice working with the seekers and dreamers of the world and anyone who knows that something different should be possible.

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