Relating to Others with Ease – Right Body for You hosted by Donnielle Carter

Relating to Others with Ease – Right Body for You hosted by Donnielle Carter

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January 7, 2015 by Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter

Often people are uncomfortable in social settings and prefer to avoid any situation where they will have to talk or be face to face with other people. What if being around people were actually fun and you always knew what to say or not say?  Your body contributes to that communication is so many more ways than just visual.  Join Donnielle as she interviews guest Kass Thomas who travels the world communicating with ease with anyone in any language.

Kass Thomas is an AC Facilitator and Worldwide Coordinator of Language Products for Access Consciousness®. She is originally from Boston, went to university in New York and Paris and currently resides in Italy where she also owns a boutique bed and breakfast with her partner in Rome.

Currently Kass travels the world offering workshops on Business, Money, Bodies, and effective communication skills when relating to other people, clients, employees and other cultures.

Her exuberant personality, quick wit and direct approach to pragmatic consciousness has been an inspiration to thousands of people. She has a radio show called Living Consciously with Kass….A Global Approach and hosts a variety of international guests to speak on different topics in various languages, several of which she speaks fluently herself.


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