Reconnecting In Relationships – Mikki Gaffen Stone

Reconnecting In Relationships – Mikki Gaffen Stone

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July 5, 2023 by *Navigating Complicated Relationships with Michaela Gaffen Stone

Navigating Complicated Relationships – Mikki Gaffen Stone 

Do you sometimes feel lost or neglected in your relationships? Do you find yourself wondering where you (or they) went wrong? Sometimes, there is nothing to do but walk away with as much dignity and self respect as you can. Other times, reconnecting in your relationships is both possible and very well worth the effort. But what does it take to reconnect successfully? How do you know when to stay and when to walk away?

We have previously talked about the importance of understanding your own energy flow and behavior patterns. You may also recall that your sense of identity and conscious self-perception can change everything. When you add an understanding of how the other person operates energetically, and where the disconnect between you occurs, the barriers and obstacles become seen and can be addressed. It is often possible to work together, building your future as you both want it to be.

Mikki Gaffen Stone will use her Human Behavior Expertise to explore how Human Design and Behavior change science can be combined to help you better understand yourself and the dynamics of your interactions with others – whether they are colleagues, clients, parent-child, partners or, last but never least, the relationship you have with yourself! Are you ready for the next level of harmony in your life?

~ More About Navigating Complicated Relationships with Mikki Gaffen Stone ~ 

Mikki Gaffen Stone is a Behavior Expert, Speaker, Educator, Human Design Intuitive and Transformational Coach. She is dedicated to empowering individuals with the tools and insights needed to navigate their own complex relationships. With a mission to foster a fresh perspective, Mikki equips her audience with the confidence and knowledge to develop positive, sustainable relationships.

Mikki is a lifelong learner and nomad. Having lived in eight countries to date, she is a Global Citizen and believes in living life fully while helping others to do the same. She regularly inspires and guides individuals on a transformative journey toward healthier, more fulfilling relationships. Serving clients in several countries, Mikki never met a time zone she couldn’t work with. Her approach is direct, succinct, and non-judgmental. Mikki’s dream is to reach people all over the world, spreading hope by inspiring, understanding, and empowerment.

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