Recognizing Abilities in Autism ~ Guests Dr. Nancy Abram, Nicole Saddler & Matthew Saddler

Recognizing Abilities in Autism ~ Guests Dr. Nancy Abram, Nicole Saddler & Matthew Saddler

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April 6, 2016 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

Society often refers to abilities as disabilities.  What if we began to truly recognize that these are abilities?  What else is possible with Autism that you have never been told?

Join Christine McIver and her guests as they bring more to this important conversation.  Dr. Abram will share what she knows and the experience that Nicole and her son Matthew have been having since introducing Access Consciousness The Bars.

Dr. Abram originally trained as a chiropractor and then as a medical doctor. After running a full service medical practice since 1991 she changed her focus to start practicing as a GP psychotherapist using the tools of energy psychology. After finding out about Access Consciousness and The Bars 2 years ago (thanks to Christine) she incorporated the Access tools into her practice with astonishing results. April is Autism Awareness Month and she would like to share with you how The Bars has changed the life of one of her patients who is here today with his mother Nicole. 

Nicole Saddler-Nicole is a certified elementary teacher and an Access BARs practitioner. She was introduced to the BARs through Dr. Nancy Abram. After taking her autistic son, Matthew, for a BARs session, Nicole noticed lots of positive changes. Observing Matthew’s growth and how much the BARs  helped Nicole decided to become a BARs practitioner herself.

Matthew Saddler- Matthew is a grade 9 high school student who has perfect pitch. Matthew also has learned to run the BARs and is extremely gifted! He has run the BARs on his mom and can really relax her after a rough day. 

April is Autism Awareness Month – RECOGNIZING ABILITIES IN AUTISM EVENT  April 16, 2016 Register Here

Here is the video Christine mentioned on today’s show Mirror Article

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