The Pleasure Of Possibilities ~ Guest Katherine McIntosh

The Pleasure Of Possibilities ~ Guest Katherine McIntosh

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October 2, 2017 by **The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic Radio Show

How to enjoy everything in your life now…and beyond! Have you ever been in overwhelm over choices, whether you felt you had too many or not enough? What if possibilities can be pleasurable? What if following what is pleasurable can allow more possibilities to show up? Join Milica Jelenic and guest Katherine McIntosh while they discuss The Pleasure Of Possibilities!

Born and Raised in the Midwest, Katherine is proud to have built a Global International Business ​inspiring thousands to create the life they love….all while nursing an infant. By traveling the globe and facilitating classes world-wide, she is proud to have created ​a life-changing 3 Day Event, Products sold in over 24 different countries, a Free 4-Part Video Series, Educational Tools to help People wake up to the magic that’s inside of them so they can truly start living the life of their dreams.

Katherine’s mission is to see 10 Million Bodies out of Judgment and Wrongness and Into Creation, Play, and Possibilities. You cannot have judgment and awareness existing simultaneously. So anyone who is doing judgment of themselves cannot have an awareness of their business, new connections, different possibilities and so much more.

When you get that judgment does not create more for your life, you will begin to make different choices. When you make different choices, universes of possibilities open up. ​

How Does Katherine Do What She Does? ​

Simply put, she was born with it! Born into a strict Irish Catholic Family, she was extremely Intuitive and always felt slightly out of place. She always had a passion for the human psyche and watching people tick. There is no one calculated formula for any one person….so it’s about seeing who or what is in front of me, and playing with the tools, resources, and questions available in the moment.

She has worked with Hollywood Actors, Famous Musicians, CEOs, Executives, New York Times Best Selling Authors, Entrepreneurs, World Renown Coaches, and Consultants of all walks of life. She believes that every single person has inside of them all the resources to create a phenomenal life. It’s just a matter of removing the unconscious blocks (most of them from past lifetimes) in order to awaken the sleeping genius inside.

Milica Jelenic is an advocate for possibilities. In her private practice she invites clients to receive who they truly be and to continue to choose more for themselves.  Milica knows that there is something greater for all of us on this planet and plays with bodies to awaken greater possibilities to show up.  Milica’ abilities as an intuitive lend to a session that is personalized for the client. Milica’s keen ability to sense where change is possible and to question what is stuck in the target area creates a very dynamic session that promotes choice, possibility and change.

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