Patterns of Abuse CAN Change ~ Guest Shirley Nussbaum

Patterns of Abuse CAN Change ~ Guest Shirley Nussbaum

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August 24, 2016 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

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Have you or anyone you know ever found themselves in a repeating pattern of abuse? Do you, or they, have trouble walking away from the abuse?  What is it that keeps individuals stuck to the abuse or abuser?  Join Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach and her Guest Shirley Nussbaum, Registered Psychotherapist  as they discuss the HOW’S of breaking the patterns of abuse.

Shirley Nussbaum is a Registered Psychotherapist and Energy Healer.  She decided to become a therapist because since she was young her family and friends always came to her for help and to confide their secrets.  Even strangers were drawn to talk to her.  People always left saying that they felt better.  This led her to realize that her purpose and passion in life was to help others.  Shirley has her Honours degree in Psychology from York University and her certification in Psychotherapy from the Transformational Arts College where she learned a holistic approach to therapy.  She is also a certified hypnotherapist.  Her goal is to help you find and change whatever stands in the way of you living a healthy, joyful life.  She has experience working with all types of people and helping them face a wide spectrum of personal issues working with a variety of techniques . She can tailor her sessions to what best suits each individual so they can resolve their issues in the most effective way.

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