Paleo Is Not for Cave Men ~ Guests Michelle Daniels & Makenna Homer

Paleo Is Not for Cave Men ~ Guests Michelle Daniels & Makenna Homer

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November 29, 2017 by Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter

Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter  Radio Show

Eating the Paleo way has so many names including “The Cave Man diet”. What if it’s so much more than that? Or not even that? What if it’s not even a DIET? Would your body enjoy and benefit from a Paleo style of eating? Join Donnielle as she spends time with unique the mother/daughter duo Michelle Daniels & Makenna Homer from Backporch Paleo, a fun lively and informative real food blog filled with recipes and heartwarming stories. When talking to them about the show my first question to them was, “Do you get to eat more than salads?” They chuckled in response then began to list all the things they do eat and how eating that way saved Makenna’s life. If you’d had questions about Paleo, now is the time to get the information!

Michelle & Makenna – After Makenna was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis shortly after graduating from high school in 2013, this tiny but mighty duo took her health into their own hands, using real food, lotsa love and a passion to make sure the healing process was enjoyable and tasty. The blog was born in early 2015 and nearly 100 posts later they’re overwhelmed with the sense of community and warm fuzzy food stories they hear about from followers enjoying the recipes. They are foodies, sports fans, and passionate about family as well as making the journey enjoyable.


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Have you struggled with changing your body?  Haven’t you always known that changing your body should be easier?  What if it wasn’t about dominating or forcing your body with the latest fads or exercises?  What if it was as simple as making friends with your body and removing the energetic blocks that keep you from changing both your body and your life?

Join Donnielle Carter this week as she explores the energetic tools that assist you in stopping the patterns and habits with your body that keep you stuck.

Do you have the life and body you desire?  Could it be even more magnificent?  The life and the body you secretly hope for is possible!  What if it wasn’t about struggle or sacrifice?  What if it could be as simple as changing how you see things?  Or acknowledging your potency though it may not be showing up as you think it should?

You are the creator of your own life and body.  You are with your life and body constantly….so what do YOU know about it?  Right Body for You is a different kind of radio show.  Each week Donnielle invites you to YOU and what you know.

Somewhere don’t you know everything is possible?  Do you have the “feeling” or “energy” of everything being possible and obtainable?  What if that awareness of energy is one of the things that will change EVERYTHING?

Based on the international best selling book, Right Body for You by Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas & Donnielle, we will explore the energetic tools that assist you in stopping the patterns and habits with your body and your life that keep you stuck.  Each week you will receive simple tools that you can use NOW to create something different in your world.

Are you ready?  Then the change has already begun.  Let’s go play and explore!

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