Owning Your Story in 2024 – Veney Cochran

Owning Your Story in 2024 – Veney Cochran

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February 27, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

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Owning Your Story is about personal growth and empowerment through understanding “Who You Are” despite your past experiences, present circumstances or future challenges. Owning Your Story is about seeing yourself for whom you choose to become.

Veney Cochran is a retired, decorated Marine Corps Sergeant Major who spent 30 plus years serving his country. With countless deployments around the globe, including combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, he is considered a foremost expert on “Transitional Leadership”.
While simultaneously serving in the Marine Corps and working with million dollar corporations, Veney has gained considerable business acumen and founded the Elite Justice Success Group LLC, a company committed to helping individuals and businesses achieve their ultimate success, through shifting their mindset and day to day activities to align with their desired goals and dreams. He is a speaker, trainer, team builder and strategic consultant whose strategies have helped countless individuals across the country through his vision, coaching and inspirational leadership and he has been working with many prominent and influential leaders to bring about global change through training and education.

In the literary world where he is an award winning, best selling author, Veney’s first book, The Leader in You, was written to serve as a letter of instruction to help change lives by changing the way one thinks. He believes that if you can change the narrative of not only how you speak to yourself, but also how you “allow” the world around you to speak to you, your life can be transformed exponentially.

As Veney travels, speaks and promotes his latest company….. S.W.A.G. ~ Succeeding With A Goal, his message is clear and simple; “You cannot teach what you do not know, you cannot lead where you are not willing to go and if you want to see change, you have to become the change that you hope to see.”… So, “CHANGE YOUR MINDSET, CHANGE YOUR LIFE”







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