Out-Creating Yourself with Guest Nilofer Safdar

Out-Creating Yourself with Guest Nilofer Safdar

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January 7, 2015 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

Are you ready to move beyond anything you have ever created before?

What would your life be like if you out-created yourself, your business and your relationships?

Do you know that the only competition that works to your advantage is the one you have with yourself?

Nilofer Safdar is a creater of magnitude and the founder of the Illusion to Illumination Summit, now in Season 5.  She has been generating and creating a life that is a constant out-creation of what she has created yesterday.

Join Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach and her guest Nilofer Safdar as they lead you to greater creation and tools to make your life and business more joyful than ever before.


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