Mysterious Earth ~ Guest, Cara Wright

Mysterious Earth ~ Guest, Cara Wright

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March 15, 2017 by Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter

Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter  Radio Show

Is the earth a mystery to be solved? Do we walk on it like a visitor or stranger? Society talks about taking care of the planet. What if the earth also desires to contribute to us? Join Donnielle and Special Guest Cara Wright, to debunk some of the mysteries surround earth and what it’s asking for.

Cara Wright is a Talk to the Entities Certified Facilitator. She is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, birth facilitator and owns a yoga studio.   She sees herself as a tour guide to consciousness through these many avenues. She empowers people to know what they know about but their unique talents, abilities and capacities. She assist people to be more aware of what energies are limiting them and what energies create expansion for them and how to weave the energies of expansion into what they would truly like to create.  Cara also works with people one on one through discovery sessions live or by phone.  You can contact Cara via email

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