My Identity, Not Your Authority With Guest Ziva

My Identity, Not Your Authority With Guest Ziva

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June 12, 2023 by **The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic

The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic – Diamond Host

Have you ever had someone say to you that you are wrong about your identity? Maybe you haven’t because you fit the societal norms when it comes to identity. Who is the authority of your identity? Are you the authority of your identity, or is someone else? For someone who does not fit the societal norm, simply existing can appear like an act of rebellion towards authority. When your idenitity is denied or rejected sometimes you can feel like you have lost yoru own authority.

In this episode we will explore:
What is identity?
What is authority?
Who has authority over your identity?
How do you approach the subject of identity with someone, or do you?

Join Milica Jelenic, Sex & Intimacy Coach, Holistic Health Practitioner and Ziva as they dive into the topic of “My Identity, Not Your Authority” on this episode of The Pleasure Zone.

Ziva is an artist, entrepreneur, student and all around wild and interesting person.

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~ More About The Pleasure Zone ~

Milica Jelenic is a Sex & Intimacy Coach. What is pleasure? Have you ever noticed that what is pleasing to one body is not necessarily pleasing to all bodies? What if our bodies like to be pleasing and to gift pleasure to others and to receive pleasure? In this show we will explore the world of pleasure. If your body was sensing pleasure more often would your life have more ease?

We start out with magical little bodies that turn on everybody. Babies are always having people come up to them and compliment them on their beauty and get really excited to be in their presence.
What would the world be like if we stopped judging ourselves, our bodies and others? How much more fun, joy and pleasure is possible on this planet if we choose to be explorers? Whose ready for an adventure???

Milica Jelenic is an advocate for pleasure. In her private practice she invites clients to create life and lifestyle that offers more pleasure and vitality. Milica’s intuitive ability to sense where change is possible and to question what is stuck in the target area creates a very dynamic session that promotes choice, possibility and change.
Milica has impacted the lives and health of individuals both in Canada and abroad with her humor, kindness, gentleness, potency and intensity. Milica’s approach is playful, fun and direct. Milica is willing to be whatever energy and space is required for the change you desire.
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