Let’s Turn Your Passion to Profit in 2024 – Autrina Tillman

Let’s Turn Your Passion to Profit in 2024 – Autrina Tillman

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June 25, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

Connected Leaders Academy

Dive into our transformative coaching experience designed to skyrocket your business from concept to six-figure success. Over the last two years, we’ve turned countless entrepreneurs into business owners who not only follow their passion but profit from it immensely. From securing 0% interest funding of up to $100,000 in under 90 days to navigating the complexities of grant funding, we’re pioneers in financial strategies for small businesses. And, we’re on the verge of launching an exclusive grant for small business owners like you!


Autrina Tillman is on 20+ year Mommypreneur. She is a licented real estate broker and a certified business coach. Autrina has trained and developed hundreds of people, managed millions in the investment world and helped thousands of families with financial literacy. She has spoken at financial services conferences with thousands of attendees and imparted knowledge and mindset training that changed lives. Autrina is passionate about her craft and the businesses that she’s built. She is now on a mission to help thousands of entrepreneurs property structure, scele and fund their passions. Autrina is e best-selling Author and has 3 published books: “Mommyprenuer”, “Blueprint For Success” and “Paid”. ” She is honored to be trusted in joining you on your voyage of discovery, affirmation, and expansion. Welcome to realizing your value, manifesting your wholeness, and maximizing your journey!







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