How to Develop Grit in Business ~ Jennifer Cramer Lewis

How to Develop Grit in Business ~ Jennifer Cramer Lewis

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December 10, 2021 by Big Fat Lies with Jennifer Cramer Lewis

Big Fat Lies with Jennifer Cramer Lewis 

Have you been on a rollercoaster of energy as a business owner or entrepreneur and wish that you had more grit? In my years in business and as a business owner, I can tell you that GRIT is the #1 thing that you have to have in business. However, even if you feel like grit is in short supply for you, there are ways to develop and grow your grit stash dynamically.

In this broadcast we will explore:

What is grit really?

How can grit be developed?

What is not grit, that is leading to burnout?

Still paying attention?

Why now?

I have noticed, now more than ever, people like you need these tools to take full advantage of the opportunities available to them.  So they don’t burn their bright stars out on people who are not worthy of their talents, capacities and abilities.  It’s so important to get the right tools at the right time so you can be the genius you came here to be.

Fair warning!  I don’t blow smoke, I speak the real truth, so this episode is not for people who need coddling or who need me to take responsibility for you.

Join us for this event?  Invite someone who could use more energy and grit.

Hello…. Are you ready to banish burnout and embrace your brilliance? Jennifer Cramer Lewis believes that now more than ever, it’s time for you to open your eyes to the Big Fat Lies stopping you from being happy, healthy, wealthy and brilliant beyond compare in all areas of your life. Part cautionary tale, part practical magic, Big Fat Lies invites you to laugh at limitations and embrace all the fun and fortune you came to experience here on Planet Earth.

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~ More About Big Fat Lies with Jennifer Cramer Lewis ~ 

Jennifer is Canada’s #1 business and relationship turnaround expert for deliciously ambitious visionary female entrepreneurs and is a modern-day shaman and seer. Jennifer has, for over 20 years, assisted entrepreneurs and business owners, to ignite their dream life, find joy, meaning, and success in business through her intuitive strategies and foresight, that include both the body and the business.

Her approach is to identify the individual’s core talents and energy fields, ignite them and bind them to the bigger dream, then build systems that add elegance, joy and profitability.

Jennifer can’t help it, she’s a champ.  Growing up in the highly competitive world of horses, she earned multiple international titles as an equestrian before the age of 15.

With extensive experience managing multi-million dollar projects in Finance, Real Estate Sales, Management and Investment, Jennifer was easily able to see the nuances of the business, saving and earning her clients hundreds of thousands of dollars, creating and implementing new technologies and approaches to old rusty systems that rapidly increased the bottom line in every business she worked with.

Jennifer delights in you achieving your dream life and business.  Get to know her in her community called The Joyful Entrepreneur at where she hosts monthly free trainings on productivity, passion and profitability.

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