High Vibe Connection with Journey Jill

High Vibe Connection with Journey Jill

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August 10, 2020 by Crossroads to Awakening with Wendy Paquette

Crossroads To Awakening With Wendy Paquette 

What is connection? What can connection create for you? How much loneliness in your life might be caused by lack of connection?

JourneyJill, is a global citizen, warrioress of light, change agent with a vision of elevating consciousness and uniting humanity.

She is the Visionary and Founder of The Connection Lounge®, an exciting new global transformation network with socials designed for creating deep connections.

She is a former fortune 25 banking Vice President who walked away from the corporate world in 2016 to follow her passions.

Her life has been transformed through the deep connections she has formed during her world travels to over 70 countries.

She cultivates joy through producing events and facilitating her signature healing modality Lomilomi Halaō, an ancient Hawaiian Shamanic Bodywork performed as a Rite of Passage.

She believes the journey inward is the golden key to unlock every dream.

She embodies her philosophy of “living your favorite” and is a proud resident of Maui, otherwise known as the Heart Chakra of the Hawaiian Islands.



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~ More About Crossroads To Awakening With Wendy Paquette ~ 

Wendy Paquette is a Human Potential Wizard. With a background in Human Development, Leadership Coaching, Deep State Theta Meditation, QHHT (Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, EIP (Energetic Interference Patterning) of DNA, Energy Medicine, Access Consciousness, Yuen Method, and Business, You wouldn’t be surprised to know that she had, what she calls an enlightenment experience and WOKE to know the holographic multi-verse in ONENESS.

The divine gift that was delivered to her in an instant allowed her to see, read and transmute mind frequencies that are held in the brain and used against you, wreaking havoc everywhere you look. What she does with that discovery is nothing short of a modern-day miracle, or instant mental manifestation. To see her story as played out in her first live interview can be seen here https://bit.ly/2WSte91


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