Having Sex with Your Future ~ Guest Heather Nichols

Having Sex with Your Future ~ Guest Heather Nichols

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March 11, 2016 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Keisha welcomes Heather Nichols this week, to play with the energy of creating with your future, in our second  conversation of the series on Having Sex.

Were you taught to create your future or plan for it?  Did you learn that your future was way off in the distance, or that is was accessible in the now?  Is your future a place you are always trying to go?  And how many futures are you trying to get to?  Do you know?  What if something totally different is possible with your future?  What if you could be having sex with your future and creating something beyond anything you have ever imagined possible…and having a whole lot of Fun, doing it?

Heather Nichols has been playing in the field of personal growth and transformation as a teacher, therapist, lover of bodies, and entrepreneur since she finished graduate school in 1997. She has owned multiple businesses, taught movement and somatic awareness extensively, and has always been fascinated by the art of creation.

Heather discovered the tools of Access Consciousness in 2010 and was amazed by how fast and effective these tools are for creating change. In the many years of studying a plethora of different transformational bodies of work, she had never seen anything create so much change for people, so quickly, easefully, and with a lightness & play that she always knew was possible. She is an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and Body Process Facilitator, and love to travel the globe facilitating this potent body of work.

The conversation of creation is particularly juicy for Heather, as she loves to create, create, create beyond the impossibilities of this reality, and into the magnificence of infinite creation.  Tune in to Heather’s radio show, Creating Beyond Reality, on Mondays at 3pm Eastern/12pm Pacific.  And you can play more with Heather at www.heathernichols.com, and find her new series here, on creating  A New Reality with Money

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