Extroverting Your Introvert ~ Guest ~ Vanessa Talbot

Extroverting Your Introvert ~ Guest ~ Vanessa Talbot

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November 6, 2015 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Do you refer to yourself as an introvert?  Have you found it challenging to “get out in the world and make something of yourself”?  Is it frustrating or exhausting to put yourself out there?  And how do you build a successful business in the world, if you would really rather not be around all those people?  Keisha welcomes Vanessa Talbot this week, to talk about different possibilities for extroverting your introvert.  What if you could find what really works for you, that would allow you to create your life and business from enthusiasm rather than effort?

With her signature program Step into the Spotlight, Profile Builder and Coach Mentor, Vanessa Talbot specializes in inspiring coaches to Be Seen and Heard by boosting their profile and increasing their influence, resulting in their magnetic attraction for more leads, more clients and more sales!  For those that have a mission and a message to help others, Vanessa guides them to better positioning themselves as a ‘Public Figure’ so that they are able to have a wider reach and greater impact with their work.
A country girl and wildlife carer, Vanessa likes to hermit on her lifestyle property with her 4 kangaroos, 4 beautiful horses, bunnies, birds and the nature that surrounds them.  When she needs to, Vanessa ignites her brilliance, steps into the spotlight and becomes that luminous success guide, development mentor and profile builder for coaches.
Certain that everyone has magic within them and the ability to shine, Vanessa is Author of international selling Inspirational book for women, ‘Extraordinary YOU ~ The art of living a lusciously spirited, vibrant life’, of which world renown thought leader Dr John Demartini said “ … is filled with gems of inner wisdom and inspiring stories that will expand your mind, and help you truly live a more vibrant, authentic and extraordinary life.”

Vanessa can be contacted at  Mobile 61 0437816192           OR  vanessa@extraordinarybeings.com

www.extraordinarybeings.com      Facebook group – www.facebook.com/groups/stepintothespotlight

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