Evolving Your Beautiful ~ Special Guest, Amy Wall

Evolving Your Beautiful ~ Special Guest, Amy Wall

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December 18, 2019 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark Radio Show

Have you connected with your Beautiful yet?  Or do you still get caught up in what beauty is or is supposed to be?  And what if we actually can evolve our Beautiful as we move through our personal journey of evolution?

Keisha is excited to welcome Amy Wall for this week’s Resolve To Evolve Series conversation to explore evolving our own sense and expression and experience of our Beautiful.

Amy Wall is an award-winning esthetician, holistic skincare expert and leader in the Beauty Wellness movement. Her signature line of skin care products is energetically formulated with clean, natural bases and high-performance ingredients for skin that radiates and glows.

She adds a magical touch with powerful rituals to experience conscious radiance and sustainable beauty that expands your confidence. She also brings a huge focus to reducing our carbon footprint and streamlining our beauty budget. #AbundantBeauty

In 2016, Amy was named Esthetician of the Year in a national competition for skin care experts in the United States. She has also been a featured speaker at the San Francisco Sustainable Fashion Week which she addressed the Mayor of San Francisco, London N. Breed.

Find more Beautiful possibilities with Amy at her website – https://loveamyskin.com/   Join her Facebook group, The Circle  – https://www.facebook.com/groups/amyssacredcircle/.  And treat yourself to some Conscious Beauty Talk with Amy, here – https://www.inspiredchoicesnetwork.com/author/amywall/


~ More Aligning Divine With Keisha Clark ~

Aligning Divine is all about lining up with Your Divine Essence and living it every day!  Keisha Clark is inviting you to a fresh perspective of being “a spiritual being having a human experience.”  What would you like it to be, for you?

We will dive into topics to inspire and invite you to re-cognize and re-member your Divine Nature, and to become more resonant with your Divine Essence.  What could you truly become capable of, as you shift into greater resonance and alignment with your essence?

It’s time for you to Know that You are required and desired to be participating in the Ah-Mazing co-creation on this planet right now!  Let’s Celebrate the unique, brilliant and powerful expression of the Universe, that is YOU. 


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