Energies & You with Guest Lisa Benitz

Energies & You with Guest Lisa Benitz

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June 5, 2017 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

Host Christine McIver interviews Lisa Benitz, a worldwide facilitator of playing with the energy of spaces and possibilities. Lisa travels & facilitates classes that invite you to change any area of your life by inviting you to the possibilities of change. She also facilitates on-line classes, coaching, speaking engagements and lots more! 

Empowering people to heal themselves, their spaces and their environment. Learn to embrace a full, energetic, healthy and prosperous life!

What if you always knew that your life could be more? What if you knew that there were infinite possibilities available with no limitations on whatever path you choose?

Lisa provides private Space Consultations, Life coaching, as well as provide Access Consciousness® courses & healing sessions as a Certified Facilitator. Lisa loves to work with the energy of spaces and show people a way to invite more into their lives.

Everything is a choice and when you choose to change something, thats when the magic happens! Creating health from the inside out.




Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach, TV & Radio Personality, works one-on-one with individuals around all areas of life where great joy is desired.  She also works with groups and organizations. http://www.inspiredchoices.ca/

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