Creating Our Body with Right Body for You Tools

Creating Our Body with Right Body for You Tools

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November 15, 2017 by Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter

Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter  Radio Show

Did you know that you have a body that has a consciousness of its own – that desires to create with you – and to contribute to you? And what do you know about how you’ve created your current body – and how to create change that is generative for both you and your body? Join guest co-hosts Julie Oreson Perkins and Devarati Angela Sammon, Access Consciousness certified facilitators and Right Body for You Taster Facilitators, as they explore this topic with personal stories, client experiences and the tools of Right Body for You.

Julie Oreson Perkins – Since her first trip abroad in 1980 as an exchange student, “Julie O” has been engaging in life-changing conversations (in several languages, including the language of energy!) As a coach, teacher, motivational speaker, radio show host, international best-selling author, energy worker/healer, breast cancer sur-thriver, shamanic practitioner and Access Consciousness facilitator, Julie O invites the (re)birth of our innate awareness and healing capacities – and instills a lust for living on Planet Earth here and now.   Or email: 

Devarati Angela Sammon invites you to awareness from a space of Joy with her contagious laughter and a space of greater possibilities and total presence. She is an Access Consciousness Facilitator as well as a Right Body for You Taster Facilitator, Joy of Business and Being You Facilitator.  Or email:

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Based on the international best selling book, Right Body for You by Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas & Donnielle, we will explore the energetic tools that assist you in stopping the patterns and habits with your body and your life that keep you stuck.  Each week you will receive simple tools that you can use NOW to create something different in your world.

Are you ready?  Then the change has already begun.  Let’s go play and explore!

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