Creating a Strong Company Culture through Authentic Leadership – Larry Moss

Creating a Strong Company Culture through Authentic Leadership – Larry Moss

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February 27, 2024 by *Connected Leaders Academy

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Becoming an Authentic Leader involves creating the vision, and building a culture of excellence​​. Key attributes of authentic leadership include self-awareness, empathy, emotional intelligence, great listening skills, accountability, and a commitment to personal growth and development​​. The emphasis is on leaders being true to themselves and their values, leading with integrity and honesty, and treating everyone with respect​​.

During this talk, Larry will discuss:

Seeking Self-Awareness: This involves a deep understanding of personal strengths, weaknesses, values, and beliefs, enabling leaders to stay true to themselves and make decisions aligned with both personal and organizational values​​.

Creating Trust: Leaders like Sarah, who lead by example and foster open communication and collaboration, demonstrate that trust is foundational for a successful workplace​​.

Inspiring Purpose: The narrative contrasts leaders like Ashley, who focus solely on financial performance, with those who inspire a broader sense of purpose and passion in their work​​.

Attracting Followers: Authentic leaders draw followers through their visionary, transparent, and ethical leadership, creating a culture of accountability and responsibility.

Developing Leaders: The manuscript emphasizes the role of authentic leaders in nurturing the next generation of leaders within their organizations.

Transforming Organizations: Authentic leaders have a transformative effect on organizations by fostering a culture of engagement, motivation, and commitment towards achieving the organization’s vision​​.

Remaining Present: The importance of being attentive and responsive to the needs and dynamics of the team and organization.

Defining Reality: Leaders are tasked with accurately assessing and communicating the current state and future possibilities for their organization.

Leading: This involves setting a clear direction, motivating, and guiding followers towards achieving common goals.

Showing They Care: Authentic leaders demonstrate genuine concern for their team members, which in turn enhances trust and respect in the workplace​​.

LARRY’S MISSION is to help leaders develop themselves so they can develop others. Larry is a sought-after coach, trainer, and speaker with multiple recognitions for his impact. With a coaching mindset grounded in the fundamentals of leadership, Larry specializes in
catapulting emerging and accomplished leaders and their teams to the next level of personal and professional growth.

LARRY’S PASSION has been focused on training and leadership development throughout his career. Following a career in the U.S. Army, Larry served as a senior intelligence officer within the federal government where he developed teams throughout the world to meet high national security demands.

Larry earned an MS in Organizational Development from Columbia Southern University and is an ICF certified coach. He is the author of three leadership books, “The Servant Leader’s Journey: Lessons for Emerging Leaders”, “The New Normal: Leading and Managing Generation Z Employees”, and “Authentic Leadership: The Power of Keeping it Real”. All available on Amazon.

Today, Larry is focused on coaching and developing leaders though his company, Azimuth Consulting, LLC where he works one-on-one with leaders at all organizational levels and teams to build a culture of leadership growth and success. When not working with clients, Larry enjoys spending time outdoors hiking and backpacking with his family.



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