Courageously Mohawked – When Your Body Doesn’t Want to Be Normal

Courageously Mohawked – When Your Body Doesn’t Want to Be Normal

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November 22, 2017 by Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter

Right Body For You with Donnielle Carter  Radio Show

Courageously Mohawked…

What if your body has a preference to how it would like to show up in the world? Would you choose it if it was…. different? What would it be like in the world if different was the new normal? Two girls from Canada, but from very different worlds, find themselves on a radio show with two things in common: 1) They both have awesome Mohawks, 2) They both have a love of and capacity with bodies. Join them for a conversation this week, about showing up differently with your bodies and the fantastical possibilities available with being different.

Cassy Summers holds titles such as Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator, Co-Founder of #IAmBeauty, Bestselling Author, Bodywork Practitioner, Mother, and Gold Medalist in Sassy-ness. What you may not know about her is that she is tenaciously curious. She seems to have an never ending desire to seek and explore ways to contribute to expanding people’s lives. Known for her intense presence and caring manner she offers workshops and private sessions to change anything with ease leaving her clients empowered and never the same.

Jennifer Sigfusson 

Have you struggled with changing your body?  Haven’t you always known that changing your body should be easier?  What if it wasn’t about dominating or forcing your body with the latest fads or exercises?  What if it was as simple as making friends with your body and removing the energetic blocks that keep you from changing both your body and your life?

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Do you have the life and body you desire?  Could it be even more magnificent?  The life and the body you secretly hope for is possible!  What if it wasn’t about struggle or sacrifice?  What if it could be as simple as changing how you see things?  Or acknowledging your potency though it may not be showing up as you think it should?

You are the creator of your own life and body.  You are with your life and body constantly….so what do YOU know about it?  Right Body for You is a different kind of radio show.  Each week Donnielle invites you to YOU and what you know.

Somewhere don’t you know everything is possible?  Do you have the “feeling” or “energy” of everything being possible and obtainable?  What if that awareness of energy is one of the things that will change EVERYTHING?

Based on the international best selling book, Right Body for You by Access Consciousness Founder Gary Douglas & Donnielle, we will explore the energetic tools that assist you in stopping the patterns and habits with your body and your life that keep you stuck.  Each week you will receive simple tools that you can use NOW to create something different in your world.

Are you ready?  Then the change has already begun.  Let’s go play and explore!

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