Could You Be a Kindness Ninja? ~ Guest, Alun Jones

Could You Be a Kindness Ninja? ~ Guest, Alun Jones

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January 27, 2017 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Living Beyond Linear Radio Show with Keisha Clark

What do you get when you combine kindness with consciousness?  Have you ever experienced kindness in a way that totally surprised you?  What did that create in your world?  What if kindness is really a potency we have long over-looked?  And what if you know way more about it than you have ever acknowledged? What if you have secret ninja skills with kindness that are ready to be activated now?

Keisha is excited to welcome Awesome Alun Jones to this week’s adventure in Living Beyond Linear, for an exploration of kindness – what it can create, change, and possibly even destroy.  What if your kindness does not have to make any sense, to be truly kind to you?

Alun is the creator and host of Kick Ass Kindness ~ an interview series to inspire and ignite a world where kindness prevails.  It begins February 1st, and you can jump in and play, here –

Alun Jones empowers people to embrace their Awesomeness.  He knows that more is possible for everyone, if they’re willing to choose it. Two key themes for Alun for everything he chooses in life are whether it will be a kindness to himself and the world and whether it will create more for the entire world. More what? More expansion, more deliciousness, more sexualness, more fun, more joy, more excitement, more money, and allowance. More of everything, for everyone.  Explore more of the Awesome possibilities with Alun, here –

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