Choosing Out of Abuse and Into Aliveness! Guest, Dr. Lisa Cooney

Choosing Out of Abuse and Into Aliveness! Guest, Dr. Lisa Cooney

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October 14, 2016 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

Does abuse take choice away from you?  That is what we are exploring this week, with a Very Special Guest, Dr. Lisa Cooney!  Keisha is Super Excited to welcome Dr. Lisa to the show, and to invite YOU to her upcoming Embace Your ROAR and AC 3 Day Body Class in Utah, November 2nd through 7th!

Abuse shows up in so many ways, and for many of us it is actually more “normal” than not.  So when it comes to choosing different, or choosing more for ourselves; what can that be like?  It’s one thing to think we would know what we would choose, and totally another thing to actually be choosing.  Dr. Lisa is a Beautiful invitation to actually be choosing – choosing for you, choosing your different.

Join Keisha and Dr. Lisa this week, as they explore choosing out of abuse and into aliveness.  It does not have to be difficult – and – it never shows up the way you think it will.  Are you ready to reclaim your choice?

You can find more Dr. Lisa at and enjoy her weekly radio show

AND – You can come play with Dr. Lisa in Utah, in November ~  Play with the possibilities of  Creating Business Beyond Abuse and spend 2 days getting to Embrace Your ROAR and treat your body to  three days of Heaven with an Access Consciousness Three Day Body Class  ~ how does it get Even Awesomer?!

Big Love to Megan Sillito and Suzanne Stauffer for hosting Dr. Lisa for these classes!!  You can enjoy some of their Awesomeness over on their Facebook Group Page – Weird on the Air with Megan & Suzanne

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