Choosing Greater No Matter What! Guest Tanner Gers

Choosing Greater No Matter What! Guest Tanner Gers

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October 14, 2015 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

How many people have challenges that they people they cannot overcome?  How many of us have fallen and feel like it is not possible to move beyond the so called limitation? No limitation has to define you or your choices.  Life doesn’t usually show up the way we think it will.  Your life can continue forward and your desires fulfilled if, like Tanner Gers, you choose greater no matter what!

Join Christine McIver, Possibilities Coach as she interviews Tanner Gers about his ‘no matter what’ choices!  An interview not to be missed!!!

Tanner Gers is a published author, professional speaker, US Paralympian, host of The Athlete Summit, and has been featured in, The Super Strength Show, Tucson Lifestyle Magazine, Wellness Force Radio, and other media outlets. Tanner holds a degree in Business, speaks for and consults corporate, educational, male, and female clients for various performance goals, and has worked with disabled youth and adults through various organizations such as Easter Seals, the Foundation for Blind Children, and Wounded Warriors. Tanner’s mission is to help millions of people across the world achieve their true greatness with his gift for cultivating confidence, determination, and the will needed to achieve greatness in every life, regardless of circumstance. Next month, Tanner is launching round 2 of The Athlete Summit, and you can get all the details for this at

Tanner will give free access to his bodyweight fitness program, ABSolutely Lean System Fitness  for any of the listeners who struggle to find the time to get to the gym due to family, professional,, and educational responsibilities, or all of the above.  I’ll also provide a discount on my coaching and speaking services. ~ ~

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