Change Is Hard! – Karen Leslie

Change Is Hard! – Karen Leslie

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January 17, 2024 by *Cultivating Kindness with Karen

Cultivating Kindness With Karen 

Change is hard! How many times have you heard this statement? How many times have you said this to someone else? Change is constant and many of your personal experiences will confirm to you that it is hard.

The reasons you believe change is hard goes beyond your experiences. It goes beyond you hearing this statement your whole life. This statement, that you may see as a fact, is actually hardwired into you. Yup!! So, if it is hardwired does that mean it cannot be changed?

Karen Leslie, Energetic Transformational Healer will answer this question this week on Cultivating Kindness With Karen. Hint, nothing is permanent no matter how firmly in place it feels. The question is how to move what appears to be unmoveable? Join Karen to learn how to move something that feels permanently in place or stuck.

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Karen Leslie is an Educator and an Expert Healer who has been facilitating energy with others for over 25 years.  Her life of depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts has led her on an interesting, and at times, turbulent path to where she is today.

Kindness was definitely missing in Karen’s life.  Karen was always kind and compassionate to others, however she was not showing kindness to herself.  Today Karen knows that kindness towards others was actually a way of avoiding her own wounds and sadness.  These choices created a life of ‘people pleasing’, keeping the peace and avoiding conflict; especially if it involved having to say “No” to someone else.

Karen knows now that everything we do to help ourselves from the neck up will help everything from the neck down.  Karen now lives each day with enthusiasm, excitement, an openness to new adventures and a great deal of kindness towards everyone, most especially herself.

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