Business, for the Fun of It?! ~ Guest ~ Rebecca Hulse

Business, for the Fun of It?! ~ Guest ~ Rebecca Hulse

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September 4, 2015 by Aligning Divine with Keisha Clark

What were you taught about “Business”?  That it could be Fun and Fabulous?  Or that is had to be complicated and difficult?  That you could actually enjoy your work?  Or that you had to work to make money?  Do you find yourself in that weird spot between trying to do business the way it was done twenty years ago and Knowing that simply does not work for you?  Keisha welcomes Rebecca Hulse this week, to share some of her Techno-business Brilliance and her Reality Rebel Spirit for creating Business in a totally different way – that is all about having Fun.  Would you like to be having Fun, making money, having Fun?  Or making money, having Fun, making money?

Rebecca Hulse is a red-headed reality shaker with a big bad crush on Iron Man! She has never believed in limitations and is living proof that “impossible is temporary.” Possibilities have always been endless in her point-of-view. At 13 she began a career as a public speaker and to date has spoken to 300 teens on the power of choice to make their dreams a reality. By age 20 every item on her “bucket list” was checked off so she began creating a new one with a godzillion more adventures to accomplish. So far the results have been fast and fantastic; none the least of which recently includes becoming a Best Selling Author, an Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator and a Media and Business Superstar Maker.

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