Bored? Ready to Leave? Choice! ~ Guest Helen Geary

Bored? Ready to Leave? Choice! ~ Guest Helen Geary

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March 8, 2017 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

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Bored? Ready to Leave? Choice!

Have you been in this space of feeling bored, restless, frustrated?  Is it leading to the space of feeling like you are ready to leave?  Leave this world…it’s too damn boring anyway!  Do you know something else is possible?

Join Christine McIver and her Guest Helen Geary, Access Consciousness Creator of Magnitude for a dynamic conversation of where they know many of are, where they both have been, and where we can choose to be, if we wish.

Helen Geary is a Creator of Magnitude.  She has been creating magic from an early age and managed to navigate her way to adulthood with aplomb.  Helen has held a number of Healthcare positions over the past 25 years; as a District Nurse; caring for a range of adults in their own homes and community settings in the UK and Ireland. She was also the Health Promotion Co-ordinator for the Sexual Health Centre for 5 years, in Ireland. These roles have been lovingly delivered with a range of Holistic and Complimentary Therapies at her disposal. Now Helen works and plays as a Nurse and a Complimentary Therapist in Ireland. Helen has 1:1 Clients for a range of Access Consciousness Sessions: Access Bars, Symphony of Possibility and Body Processes. Helen also facilitates Access Bars Workshops and is the creator and host of National Access Events in Ireland and Beyond. Helen brings Joy, Fun, Vitality and creativity to all of her roles and relationships, infused with a warmth and belief that a kinder, more expansive present and future is possible.

Christine McIver is a Possibilities Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator who is driven to inspire individuals and organizations to make choices that will bring them greater joy, self confidence and remarkable positive change. ~ ~

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