Being Fiercely Sexy ~ Guest Rhonda Burns

Being Fiercely Sexy ~ Guest Rhonda Burns

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January 11, 2016 by **The Pleasure Zone with Milica Jelenic

Are you willing to be so fiercely you all the time that you are a walking, talking sex bomb?  Would it be fun to have some tools that would allow you step into that with total ease? What if being fierce is fun?

Join Rhonda Burns as Guest on the Pleasure Zone Radio Show.

Rhonda Burns is a definitely different Potency Expert, a Kick-ass Global Transformation & Empowerment Coach, a Tenacious Chooser and a Status-quo disruptor who facilitates and empowers her clients & the brave ones to rock change like a boss. She’s willing to go toe-to-toe with any limitation, and facilitate it to change or be eliminated with speed, ease, laughter and playfulness.
An unconventional change agent with a highly unique perspective on life, living and everything else, Rhonda utilizes curiosity, playfulness, joy and laughter to quickly and effectively catalyze phenomenally different possibilities with everyone she meets.
Also a dynamic Motivational Speaker, and Intuitive Wellness Facilitator, Rhonda motivates, inspires, facilitates, empowers and coaches using undeniable warmth and extensive humor.
Rhonda’s vibrant and exuberant personality coupled with the space of no judgment, not only invites people into the fullness and truth of themselves, but provides the catalyzing energy to quicken the time frame, allowing them to achieve their greatest levels of success and happiness faster. She’s been deemed the atom bomb of consciousness and an energetic powerhouse. People can’t help but walk away activated, energized and feeling better as a result of playing with Rhonda.
A natural illuminator, status-quo disruptor and perspective-shifter, Rhonda skillfully moves clients through and out of limiting points of view with lightning speed and laser-like clarity. She acknowledges that her priority is to facilitate people into more (and all) of their “phenomenal-ness”, aka POTENCY, without apology or question. If you are looking to get un-stuck, moved through, ramped up, evened out, to feel vibrantly alive, to be entertained, or anything else that might speak to you, time with Rhonda will quickly and clearly show you how naturally she catalyzes all those she meets. And she has an immense amount of fun in every encounter.

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