Are You “On-Line Dating” with Money? ~ Christine McIver

Are You “On-Line Dating” with Money? ~ Christine McIver

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February 8, 2017 by ***Inspired Choices ~ Christine McIver

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“Hi handsome….how are you? What do you like to do?  Is that your real picture? “

I wonder if he will give me what I want?  Hopefully, he won’t notice that my pictures are old.  How do I put my best image forward to I get him to notice me and choose me?

How unwilling are you to really be with the Real Deal that is Money?

Let’s play & change everywhere you are playing games with money…and we don’t mean Monopoly!

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Christine McIver is a Possibilities Coach, Inspirational Speaker, Radio Show Host and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator who is driven to inspire individuals and organizations to make choices that will bring them greater joy, self-confidence, and remarkable positive change. ~ ~

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