Are Soulmates Real? ~ Dr. Helen Gitlevich

Are Soulmates Real? ~ Dr. Helen Gitlevich

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June 10, 2020 by Creating Abundance with Ease

Creating Abundance With Ease ~ Dr. Helen Gitlevich 

What are soulmates? What is karma? How do we know if She is The One or He is The One? Let’s talk about all of those topics and see what is true and what are the lies that has been told to keep us in the fantasy of looking for the ONE!

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Magic is everywhere. Abundance is everywhere. What if we can tap into abundance and start creating it in our lives with total ease?

Are you choosing what you desire? What if more is available than you believe is possible?

Dr Helen Gitlevich will use the tools of Akashic Records and Access Consciousness to guide you on the journey to creating more in your life than you’ve ever imagined.

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